Phil Etienne's Timber Harvest, Inc.   

Buyers of standing timber &  grade logs
Located @
25993 St. Croix Road.
St. Croix, IN 
Ph. 812-843-5208


About Us

Phil Etienne's Timber Harvest, Inc. began in 1973 as a family logging business.  Phil was a starvin'construction worker at the time but had experience logging with his father.  Phil along with his wife, Joann, who also ran a country store started the logging business together.  Ten years later and 4 babies later they added a sawmill to the company's family business operations. 

Producing high grade lumber used in furniture and flooring manufacturing as well as utilizing the hearts of the log into pallet components.   Dust produced in manufactuing of the logs is sold to local individuals for animal bedding. 

In February 2001 the Etienne family started another company, Bear Hollow Mulch to sell colored landscaping mulch, playground mulch, and bark mulch, now having over 30 dealers in 3 states.

A dedication to producing high quality lumber products and mulch have fueled the company's success.  Along with working with foresters and private landowners to educate others about the world of wood, from advocating sustainable forestry practices on the land, a concept that views forestland as a renewable source of wood fiber, to the efficient processing of logs transported back to the mill.  All timber harvesting is done according to best management practices and nearly all the work is select cuts planned by foresters.  Logs are also purchased from local logging contractors in the region. 



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