About Us

Welcome to Bear Hollow. Mighty happy to have the presence of your company for a spell. We are real busy loggin, sawmillin, and mulchin. Our area is heavily forested and loggin, sawmillin, and farmin have been a way of life with our families for several generations. The city folk sometimes worry about us takin good care of the land and harvestin the forests wisely so it can produce for generations to come. Latest inventories done by some neat forestry folks at the DNR (Department of Natural Resources), Division of Forestry, and the US Forest Service show we are doing a mighty good job makin sure there will always be plenty of trees. (Check out our links for more facts.) So relax, lay back, sit a spell, and enjoy the show!!!

Etienne's Logging was started in 1973 by a starvin construction worker named Phil that had helped his dad log when he was growing up. Phil and his wife Joann, who ran a country store in the old river town of Derby, went into the loggin business and started borrowing money and havin babies. Ten years and four babies later they formed Phil Etienne's Timber Harvest, Inc and started sawmillin.

Products from our mill were supplied to mostly furniture and paper makin folks until February 2001 when Bear Hollow Mulch was introduced to the public. Yards in four states around our mill are all colored up nice and pretty with our hardwood colored mulch.