Perry County's 2005 Conservationist of the Year

America has fallen in love with their yard. This is a mindset that shows no sign of ending. As this love affair continues to grow so does the consumer's expectation of performance. All across America yards are 'Showing Their Colors'! The drab decaying bark mulch of the past is being replaced by processed wood custom colored to suit the consumer's taste.

Bear Hollow Mulch is ground by a horizontal fed grinder as opposed to more commonly used tub grinders. Our grinder is fed by a chain and pinch with adjustable speed. This feed system has a better control over the intake of wood. After grinding, our mulch must pass through a baffled screen that does not allow any oversized pieces to pass through. The end result is uniform mulch in size and texture load after load.

The colorant we use is produced by Becker Underwood. This brand is considered to be one of the premium colorants on the market today.

Bear Hollow Mulch is environmentally friendly. It contains no hazardous materials. It is nontoxic to both plants and animals.

Bear Hollow Mulch is not made from reprocessed pallets or other wood waste. It is a bi-product direct from freshly manufactured logs. The same material is used to produce high grade wood chips for computer paper. It is free from plastic, nails, and other foreign debris found in similar products made from recycled material.

Bear Hollow Mulch will typically maintain color for more than one year in comparison to other mulch that may turn gray or white in just a few weeks.

Colors now available include red, black, brown, and gold. We also carry certified play ground mulch as well as Hardwood Bark Mulch.

QUESTION: Will wood mulch attract bugs?

ANSWER: Mulch is a pretty unattractive food source for termites. However, no wood should ever come in contact with your home's basement wall or foundation as this creates a roadway for wood hungry pests to enter.

QUESTION: Will my soil composition be altered in any way from the application of Bear Hollow Mulch?

ANSWER: Our mulch is composed of a mix of wood species. Different types of trees have varying PH levels. The PH impact to your soil should be very minimal and may actually be quite beneficial. Bear Hollow strongly suggests that you routinely have a soil test done. The natural decomposition of wood by microorganisms takes a minor amount of nitrogen from your soil. According to a study done by Ohio State University, you should apply 1 pound of nitrogen for every 1,000 square feet of wood mulch applied at 3" deep. As time goes on, the mulch finishes the compost process and releases the nitrogen. All of the nitrogen will not return to the soil as nitrogen is pretty unstable. Always remember that good growing soil has a balance between nitrogen, potash, and phosphate. With the help of your soil test results your local lawn & garden center will prescribe the fertilizer to give you the best balance for good growing soil.

QUESTION: How much bulk mulch do I need?

ANSWER: Our mulch is sold by the cubic yard. One cubic yard covers 108 square feet at 3" deep.

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