Phil Etienne's Timber - Sawmill Info

At the mill logs are unloaded from the log trucks and sorted according to grade & specie.

Logs are then debarked to remove the dirt and bark. The bark is sold to mulch companies for landscape bark and processed at their yards.

The logs are then processed into lumber. With the help of thin kerf sawing and special attention paid to positioning the log we can maximize product and grade yields. Sawdust created during manufacturing lumber is sold to a paper company for boiler fuel. Slabs and trimmings are chipped and processed into high-grade paper by the same paper company.

Lumber is now inspected and tallied, separated for length and grade and shipped to other companies for flooring, doors, trim, furniture, and cabinets.

The only green lumber processed on site is the heart of the log. As a tree grows it is forced to reach for the life giving sunlight in the forest canopy. Lower limbs now blocked from the light die and fall off. Clear wood grows across these limb defects, but they never go away. As we saw each board it brings us closer to these defects. After enough of them are present the board goes for pallet components. They are ripped, chopped, and finally sawn again into deck boards for wooden pallets. They are shipped to other companies for assembly. The waste from the pallet stock operation is processed into wood mulch. The mulch is later colored at Bear Hollow.

All total 70 people make up our logging, saw milling, mulch, and carving teams. Making the team here is something to be very proud of. Our people are very dedicated and love the fast paced, aggressive environment that makes up the company. Our family is fortunate enough to be surrounded by honest, hard working folks that share our passion for the harvest and manufacture of wood products.